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Friday, March 30, 2007
Today is my day

Today Beng and I went to 1 U to have dinner. And buy heels. Heels is for my presentation this Sunday. I saw so many sales. Everywhere SALES. I was like almost fainting d. Cannot breath. Got so excited. He saw me. And shook his head. Hehehe. I know what he meant. I always fall for SALES. No matter how useless that thing is to me, I will still buy. Lol. Perempuan kan? Oh well, at least I bought smth useful la. T-shirt from SEED. 50% tau. How to resist? How? How? Cannot rite? Hehehe. Then bought hells. Then went and mum mum. I wanted to try out this restaurant for a long long time. Finally...

The name is so cute. Right? ZUUP= SOUP. Hehehe. They don't sell soup only la. But they specialize in that kot. I kinda like the deco. Very simple. But nice. It's just that the cafe is too crampy. Too small. Anyway, my favourite part of all, FOOD! Hehehe. I shall let the pictures do the talking then. They are more tempting than my words :)

Appetizer: Seafood Chowder Soup

Sedap. Hingga. Menjilat. Garpu.

Main course: Chicken Chop With Wild Mushroom Sauce

Chicken tasted good. The portion was big. The coleslaw was great.
One word: Fantastic

Pan Seared Dory Fish

The sauce was so creamy. I think it tasted smth like Carbonara. So creamy and cheesy. Just the way I like it. The Dory was so fresh.
One word: Fabulous

Dessert: Chocolate thingy.

The choc was so.... choco-latty? The *thinking* pudding is so soft that it goes so well with the choc.
One word: Heaven

Peach with ice cream.

The peach goes so well with the ice cream. Cold and sweet.
One word: Heaven-ly :)

After dinner, we went to Jusco. It was already after 9pm. Got 20% ma. Macam mana mau resist kan? Food tau. Discount lagi tau. Sapu bersih the counter la. Lol. Not that dahsyat la. Hehehe. Hiperbola-ing. While paying at the counter, "ada J Card?" "Oh tak ada." Then Beng asked me why don wana apply one? Good idea. Hehehe. Went and apply and they say can apply supplementary card also. FREE. As in FOC. Fuh, siok habis. Hehehe. I applied for Beng also. So now we kinda have a connected account. JUSCO account. Lol. I was so excited that I told him to be prepared to go Jusco more often. I kept laughing and smiling because I got a new card! to keep in my wallet. And a make it fat. Can con people. Make them think I am rich. Hehehe. Guess, there won't be any more Tesco or Giant for me. Jusco, I will be ur number one fan!! See.. See.. The Jusco card.

My Jusco Card. Cantik sungguh. Aku suka. Aku suka.

With my name on it lagi. MELISSA ONG. Bangga. Bangga.

Beng's Supplementary card. Cantik also la. I made him take the not-so-cantik pattern. Lol.

When I reached home, Yips told me that we have wifi d. Now I am blogging using wifi. Muahaha. Anyway in my room also can blog. Bagus sungguh. It's so fast. I like. I like. Looks like today is just my day. Hehehe.

Mel O gave her order @ 3:53 PM
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