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Tuesday, April 3, 2007
'Proud' to be a Malaysian

I am proud to be a MALAYSIAN!!


Because they produce such an 'ergonomic' products.


My newly bought 3 pin plug? The extension plug where u can plug 3 plugs wan ar... What is that called ha? Watever la. That thingy la. Ok. Bought it from Giant and it came with few colourful plastic thingy to plug the 2 pins wan ar.. Dunno wat is it called also. Watever the name is la. Guess u should know what it is. It's RM15.99. Slightly more expensive than Carrefour and Tesco. But I thought, "aya, nvm la. Since they give the plastic thing also. Same same la" So bought it home and open the plastic bag. Guess what?

1. The wire is so damn freaking short! I can't even put it under my table. My old one can go all the way until deep inside my table. Stupid short wire.

2. It is upside down. The plug is upside down when I try to make it stand on the table. The switch is DOWN when it is supposed to be UP!

3. I sticked it to the cupboard so that it won't take up space on my table. After that, I realized out of 3 place to plug the plugs, 1 is partially cacated. One hole cannot be plugged in FULLY.

The wonderful locally made product.

4. One of the switch is so loose that when I press it down, I could feel it is coming off anytime. And when I press it down, there will be a hole. For watever reason it is, the hole is NOT supposed to be there! They wana feed the ants with my internal wiring or they wana let the plug 'lepaskan angin' through that hole? There aren't any light when I press the switch. And if there's no light, why bother making it transparent?

There is a hole when I on the third switch.

5. The colorful plastic thing they included inside, in hole-less! It's supposed to have 2 holes at the bottom rite? This thing is all covered! How am I supposed to use it like that? Damn. Stupid people!
This is the thing I expected to be inside. With two holes. But......

It came with this. 5 Colourful plastic thing without hole!

And the greatest thing of all, it is approved by SIRIM! Wat has SIRIM been doing if such product can be approved? Damn it la. Waste my money. Got so angry. Wish I can return it to Giant. But I can't. Cz I've already sticked it to the cupboard and it can't be pulled off. At least one great thing Malaysians produced. Strong and useful Double-sided-tape!

I am so proud to be Malaysian. Really. Really lying!

Mel O gave her order @ 9:41 AM
10 minions