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Monday, May 7, 2007
Work for Hotlink &

During the holidays I have been working.

Yes. Working. As in W.O.R.K.

Princess also can work wan ok?

But why?

Cz I had nothing to do. And my bestie was working there and they had extra space left, she asked me along. We worked for Hotlink. Together with crews. Sounds fun to me. Why not right? So, we asked another bestie along to work with us. The more the merrier ma.

A few things we did to earn RM70 in less than 4 hours a day.

1. Cam whore. Snapped alot alot of pics :)

PenangPrincess & Cecilia
(No, she is not taller than me. She is standing on the pavement. If not , she will not be this tall. Hehehe.)

PenangPrincess & Jane

2. Rest. Sit. Even attempted to sleep.
See see.. Jane ni, ask her to work she sleep.

3. The only proper job we did for Hotlink was distributing balloons.

Even that, we distributed only ONE poor miserable balloon each for the whole THREE days of work. Everyone else distributed AT LEAST 6 each day. Which means about 18 in three days. Hehehe.
At the street of Slippery Senorita. With our beloved balloons that we took only to pose for pic. And ACCIDENTALLY let it go up the sky. And gave the rest to our kind hearted colleague. Hehehe.

The excited Jane ready to let her balloons fly FREE. Lol.

Cecilia on the other hand planned to fly up the sky with her balloons. Lol.

What I gained from working?
1. MONEY. Of course. Go to work to earn money wan wat?
2. Memories. First time working with my besties. Although NOT really the first time with Ceci but still, it was a great experience.
3. A free Hotlink cap. But mine flew into the sea d. Sobz. Twice some more. So sad. Conclusion: Wind too strong. Head too small. But luckily after Jane scare Ceci that she will go botak if wear cap too often, Ceci decided to give me her cap! Hehehe.
4. Saw Slippery Senorita (A famous clubbing spot in Penang). Not only saw. I stand in front of SS. And for the first time ever, I stepped into the street where they have all sorts of pubs and clubs *bangga*. But that will be my last time. Me goodie gal ma. No no clubbing wan. Lol.
5. Above all that, spending time with my besties. That was the time where we gossipped, talked, fight, teased, got to know each other's embarassing momentsand secrets, cam horny (Chan, 2007). Hehehe.

Hotlink & Rocks! No?

But they pay me wor. Yes. Yes. They ROCK! :)

Left to Right: Jane Chan, PenangPrincess, Cecilia Lee

Mel O gave her order @ 12:31 PM
2 minions