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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
In Memory of Mega Pavilion, BJ

Few days ago, my bestie from Penang called me.

PenangPrincess: Hello.
Emily: Mummy!! (she refers to me as her mummy. Don ask me y. It has been like that since... primary school. Entah siapa punya kerja ni. I look like mummy meh now? *shake head*)
PenangPrincess: Ha mi su?
Emily: I tell you one sad news la.
PenangPrincess: What?
Emily: Mega Pavilion closed down d.

I was shocked for a moment. Speechless. She was sad too. I could understand her feelings. Many of u might ask, so what if Mega Pavilion (Now known as Cathay, just for those who don't know) is closed down rite? What's the big deal?

My first...
1. and only job after SPM an throughout my entire 20 years of life was there!
2. pay check was from Mega Pavilion.
3. job interview.
4. popcorn making-lessons.
5. time seeing MELISSA ONG appearing on the ticket stub *bangga*
6. time I get to cancel the show that I want! Hehehe *keji-ness*
7. time meeting my long lost friend there! After 5 years I lost contact with him.
8. time working with my bestie there! (although she resigned after 2 weeks *shake head*)
9. birthday that I not only get to eat free food, but also got paid for FREE! (I went to work but was hanging around the office talking to my managers and eating the food they bought for me! Even my colleague get to eat free food cz of me! Lucky them)
10. FREE souvenirs and movies without any limit! Weee...
11. time being in a mall after 1 a.m. playing treasure hunt. I got a teddy bear from some guy. Hehehe.
12. time receiving valentine's card and teddy bear bouquet thingy from a guy whom I wasn't close to. Oh, well. Hehehe.
13. time telling lies without even blinking my eyes (movie cancel cz film burst. movie cancel cz the cinema's ceiling is broken. So, it's now flooded inside. Lol.)
14. time giving away FREE popcorns to my friends who came to watch movie. Some even get FREE ticket! See.. See.. I'm such a good fren, rite? Or maybe that is why it is closed down? Lol.

Anyway, there are many more reasons to it la. I can even publish a "1001 reasons why Mega Pavilion means a lot to me" book. But, I'm busy with finals. So, maybe when I'm free k? Hehehe. I just realized I wrote all my secrets up there. Lol. Luckily I am not working there anymore. If not, I might get sued for giving away free tickets. Hehehe. But still, all the memories I had while working there will always remain in my mind. Now and forever! I miss you Mega Pavilion, BJ.

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