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Saturday, April 7, 2007

I had the worst nightmare last night.

In PenangPrincess's dreamland

PenangPrincess: *looking at Yips* Eh, what are you doing?
Yips: Assignment lo. U finish edi?
PenangPrincess: What assignment?
Yips: 203 logbook la. U sleep till so comfortable. Sure finish d la.
PenangPrincess: *heart beat stops for a moment* WHA
T?? I haven't started anything on that! When are we supposed to pass up?
Yips: Ha? Today la. Later got extra class ma. Then have to pass up that time lo. PenangPrincess: Damn. Alot to do anot?
Yips: Alot la. Must answer duno what question some more. If not u tink I will get up so early to

do my work meh
? Surely I will be sleeping d la. Ish. (I made up this sentence. It wasn't in my dream. Just to show the pig-ness in Yips :p)
PenangPrincess: *Got up from sleep*

In PenangPrincess's reality

PenangPrincess: Turn and look at Yips. Sitting in front of her com *scared*
Do we have
anymore assignments for 203? Logbook?
Yips: Nola. No more d la. Y? *looks at PenangPrincess weirdly*

PenangPrincess: *grinning* YEAY!! *told her my dream*
Yips: *falls from her chair and squashed her little turtle to death* Hahahaha (I made this up too!)

Sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad news

Yips one day old turtle (named Cup Cake) died this morning. She got him/her/it for only ONE day and she woke up to his/her/it's death this morning. She was mourning for her lost. Eating only SnowFlakes. And one of my Ikea Curry Puff while watching movies (That's her version of mourning).

Let's have a look at the deceased.

Riwayat Hidup Cup Cake




Look at the SAD looking Yips

I do feel sad for her. I do. Really. But....
Oh, well. Let's just mourn for her lost, shall we?

Mel O gave her order @ 8:59 AM
4 minions