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Friday, April 6, 2007

I need to say smth. I need to. Not that I want to. But... I need to.
*shy* *runs to a corner and hide*

I FAILED to accomplish my resolutions. Miserably.

1. I MUST revise at least ONE chapter EVERYDAY!

Failed: It worked the first FEW DAYS (semangated ma) but later on...I can't remember when was the last time I touched my book to actually study!

2. I MUST study for quiz.

Failed: I was too busy completing assignments. I have no choice but to put my assignments FIRST. They are worth more than these mini quizzes.

3. I MUST do my case study properly.

Failed: The last 2 case study was handed in without even knowing what I wrote. I wrote a whole long 3 pages but I dunno what was I crapping. Tugas bagus!

4. I must NOT play in class anymore.

Failed: Although Mike & Fung Min no longer gives me lecture on ***** 101, but I was busy looking around and thinking of my assignments in class. Or even better, thinking of all those NICE PENANG FOODS! *grin*

5. I MUST at least pass ALL my papers this sem.

Pending: This one is still in the making. But, I don't think I will fail my papers la. Hopefully *cross fingers* Maybe a D? (Is D considered pass?) Err... C- maybe? That sounds better than D. Oh well, I just don wana repeat my papers and pay that freaking amount!

I FAILED to accomplish 4 out of 5 resolutions I made. So, how?

Jump down from 1st floor? Drown myself in the bath tub?

Stuff myself with too much food till I explode?

Nah. Not that pessimistic.
There's many more BEAUTIFUL things in life that I have yet to discover.

PenangPrincess will work EXTRA hard to make sure I counter back these failures within the next 2 weeks before the semester ends. We shall wait n see if PenangPrincess is a Failure or Winner! Ok? :)

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