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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Happy Birthday Roberta Ng


Left to Right: BIRTHDAY Girl, PenangPrincess, PenangPrincess's servant? :p Yips
Khoo, Penang Lang posing with our teddy biscuits *shake head*

Roberta, 20 years tua dah. Cannot deny it anymore. Not trying to say ur OLD, your just mature only now. Lol. Anyway, I kinda stole the picture from your bloggy. Purposely went and check the older post to korek out the picture tau. Terharu kan?

Anyway gal, this is what I usually tell to those who celebrated their birthday.
WELCOME TO THE orang tua GANG! Lol. Bukan tua la bukan la.
Rephrase that!
WELCOME TO THE MATURE GANG!! Sounds better eh? Hehehe.
Don worry. No matter what, kami ahli-ahli Kumpulan Matang sentiasa muda di hati. Right kan ahli-ahli Kumpulan Matang? Hehehe. Oh, btw, I would like to see more 'happening' posts in your blog eh? Hehehe. I don't think it will take long. Hargailah yang tersayang.

Once again, happy birthday!!

Mel O gave her order @ 1:16 PM
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