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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Fire alarm

I went to bed at 10.40pm because I was rather tired. I was sleeping so soundlessly when I got awaken by the loud fire alarm. First thing that I thought to myself, "Did I lit up any fire while I was sleeping?" It was so loud I seriously thought I was the one who set the fire alarm on. I went out and another flatmate was as blur as me. We were talking, err, shouting?? cause we can hardly hear each other. Then, two gals came out from their rooms with their jackets, locked their door and went off (so selamba). Then I turned and saw Queen Next Road at the door of her flat and then I realized we're supposed to go down. This is not Malaysia where I can continue sleeping with the alarm on unless I smell smoke. I quickly went into my room, grab my keys and locked my door. Just when I locked my door, I realized I left my jacket. I wanted to go in and take it but my keys and the key hole are not "working" well together cause it will take me around 1 minute to pull my keys out from the hole. I was like, "arrghh!! Don't care la." I went down and saw everyone was downstairs. Once I stepped out of the block, I regretted not bringing my jacket. It was seriously cold. So cold. And I was wearing shorts!! Great!! I was practically shivering and shaking out there. It was either I burnt myself to death or I freeze to death, which I eventually chose freeze to death (because at least I wont turn into charcoal, and still will have complete body parts!). We were standing outside and I was so hoping that it will end soon but I saw a fire engine. That's it. It will take forever. I was so cold, but thank God for having such wonderful flatmate, Eric (the guy who can cook), for borrowing me his jacket. THANKS ERIC!!! We continued standing and standing and I was thinking to myself, "today moon cake festival also no need to make us stand here and look at the moon kan?" It was 1.20am okay? I want to get back to sleep. After 30 minutes or so, they fireman came out from the building and said, "Flat 22, Room 5, you set you alarm on" I so want to smack that guy I tell you!!! But, he's way bigger than me so it's okay lah!! But, I know who you are. Ish!!!

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