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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
I am a murderer

The day I came back to Penang, about 2 weeks ago, Emily came over to overnight at my place. While talking to her around 4am, suddenly she shouted. “Melissa!!!” I stood up and I saw this creature! OMG!! We quickly took any possible thing in my room to defend ourselves. She took air freshener and a bottle of water. I took cards and tissue box. But we were still afraid and not convinced that these things will help us deal with this creature. We opened my book shelf and took a stack of papers ( I just realized I am still keeping my Form 5 BM notes. That shows how lazy I am to clean my room. Just chuck all inside the cupboard and close it. Clean & Clear without ANY hardwork :p). This is how clean my room was before we started our mission

We make the papers into round balls and threw at the creature. Papers afters papers. We even sprayed water on it. But no, it won’t budge. Then we saw SHIELDTOX and Melissa was the warrior of the night *clap clap*. I took the spray and cover the whole body with Shieldtox, and hit it with a stack of papers. So hard till it squashed. Penyek hingga terjurai usus-usus dan organ organ dalaman. If there’s any.

this is after the murder

You might have guessed it right. We were killing a .............


Reason of death: Squashed to death

Melissa 1 Cockroach 0


Ps: No offense to all the cockroach lovers out there. I was just killing a creature because IT entered my room without my permission!! Penceroboh akan di hentam dengan kertas hingga penyek!

Mel O gave her order @ 7:22 AM
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