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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
The good and the bad news

Remember some time around a month ago I posted up a post on my knee injury? Yes. The post on how I fell and injured my knee miserably.

The good news: The wound dried up and the ugly looking dried skin 'dropped' off. More like I peeled it off. Lol. My knee is plaster-less now.

Wee.... Although it is still ugly since the big wound is gonna take months before it disappears, I am a happy gal because I can finally wash my knee with soap. Again. After 3 weeks of only washing the side of the wound.

The bad news: I injured myself. Yes. Again. Today.
I don't have classes on Wednesdays and Beng came and fetch me out for lunch. After eating lunch, the greedy me wants to buy the Ikea's curry puff, so off we went to Ikea. Cz it won't take long, Beng parked by the road and we walked in. After getting my 1/2 dozen of curry puff, we walked back to the car. There was a bike parked behind his car, towards the left side. So we went in the car and he tried reversing his car but couldn't coz the bike was too near. He went down and pushed the bike. Second attempt failed too. So, I went down and instructed him. But, I looked at the distance and thought it is highly impossible to reverse his car because the bike is too near his car. So, PenangPrincess, the HEROIN of the day, went and pushed the bike. My first time pushing a bike okay? It was so damn heavy. And I continue pushing it to the side. And then I felt smth heavy and hard on my toe. Looked down and my toe was so painful. "what did I do to my toe?" I left the stupid pathetic bike there and went to the car. Once I went into the car, the stupid pathetic bike's owner who looks extremely stupid and pathetic came to his bike and wore his stupid pathetic helmet and ride his bike away. I looked at my toe and guess what I saw?

OMG! I just injured my toe. It looks less serious and painful than my knee injury rite? WRONG!! WRONG!! It hurts like 5 times more okay? When I fell and injured my knee, it was painful but I could still stand the pain. But this, I couldn't. I sobbed so badly in the car. Like a small baby. What? It was so freaking painful and when I thought of the motorbike stand (the metal thing to tahan your bike so that it won't fall when u park), I think it is rusty and maybe I will die soon. But luckily I took injection for tetanus before this. So I think, I am pretty safe. Err, am I?

When I came home, my toe looked like this.


But thank God I had leftover cream and wound cleanser? (some liquid to wash my wound). So I used that to clean and it is not as painful anymore. But, it is still bleeding

Lesson of the day: Say TAK NAK to motor.

Why am I so unlucky these days? Why? Why? One recovered another one came. I seriously think I need to do some ceremony to buang all the sial away. One month ago left knee, today right toe, another one month God knows what will happen to me, again. Before I injure myself badly I should be extremely careful. I don't wana waste any more blood just like that.

I did injure my toe. I went through pain. Am still going through it. But, on a brighter side, I got myself this.

Nice yummy expensive curry puff. 1/2 dozen some more. Aku lahap semua ! :p
No pain no gain kan? Hehehe.

There's only 5 curry puffs left in this pic. Coz I ate one once I finished washing my wound. Tak boleh tahan the temptation ma. I need to eat to forget the pain I'm going through. I don't need pain killer to stand the pain. All I need is FOOD! -hint hint- :)
Err, did I just prove to everyone that I am such a pig? *shy* Lol.

Mel O gave her order @ 8:56 AM
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