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Monday, May 28, 2007
Injured my knee :(

28. 5. 07
Hari ini dalam sejarah.

Selepas 13 tahun, hari ini, Melissa Ong atau lebih dikenali sebagai PuteriPulauPinang, jatuh akibat kecuaian dan kelalaian dirinya. Jatuh bukan sebaranag jatuh, kecederaan bukan sebarang kecederaan, kecederaan ini boleh dikatakan PARAH kerana PuteriPulauPinang jarang tercedera. Kali terakhir Puteri jatuh dan cedera teruk adalah semasa berusia 7 tahun. Itupun kerana kecuaian bonda Puteri (dia menjatuhkan Puteri ke dalam longkang besar!).

*scratching head*

I give up. I can't think of any better way to write in Malay.

So, I was walking peacefully towards E & C to grab a quick lunch before exam. For those who don't know, there is a slope like road near the entrance to the cafeteria. So, I was walking and suddenly *I terbalik and my book & file flew* The next thing I realized, Beng helped me up and I could feel the pain on my knee.
Beng: U ok not? Injure anywhere not?
Mel: *looks at palm* Nth la. Slightly painful but just fall down sure pain la. I'm fine.

While paying for lunch, I felt my knee was getting worse. I looked at my pants and guess what I saw?

BLOOD!! On my pants. It's jeans material. And the blood could still be seen on the outer part. Damn.

I quickly went to toilet and I discovered this.

Ouch. It was bleeding and painful.

Beng applied some Dettol and covered the wound with plaster. Like this..

Even with the plaster, the blood kept flowing and it was so painful to even sit or bend my leg.

I came home and took off the plaster and I can see the blood is still flowing. I bought Antiseptic Cream to clean the wound. So, I took my bath and washed my wound. Gosh, it hurt so badly that I felt like shouting and crying. Sob sob.

Beng said it's best to leave the wound and not use any plaster so that it can dry up and recover faster. But, the blood is still flowing so I had no choice but to use plaster. A better looking one - white silky plaster! :)

See.. Way better than the first one rite? Hehehe. But I know I didn't stick it properly. Can see all the gelombong udara but who cares? I was in PAIN.

I guess, till I recover I will have to wear long jeans. Sobby. Have to wash many many jeans. Yer.. *pray it will recover quickly*

ps: I found myself another reason not to wash my clothes. Or probably delay it will, god-knows-when without feeling too guilty about it :)

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