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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I went MIA. Again.

Not on purpose. I wished I could online.

Damn Streamyx. It's all their fault.

So hate Streamyx now.

Last Tuesday (8.5.07) they cut my line. Suddenly. Out of no where. Till today, EXACTLY 2 WEEKS still no line. The reasons they gave when I called them time after time:

1. Klang Valley got connection problem. Your area is affected. *What?? Klang is like so far away from my area!*

2. Your modem is spoilt. Go check it. It's nothing to do with us. Your connection is just fine.

3. Your telephone line got prob. Check your telephone line and see if got noise or not. Can call out and in or not.

4. Your router cannot use. Try plugging in the line straight to your com.

5. It is our connection problem. We will fix it for you. But, we need at least 2 working days. *at last they realized it is their problem*

6. We came to fix your line but u weren't home. So, can't fix. We can come only on Friday the earliest. *Friday is like another 3 days. And it has been a week since the connection had problem. Plus another 3 days is 10 FREAKING days. And they should have called me earlier. They just came without telling me. Stupid*

People, just remind me why am I paying the RM77 for? Oh I know, Cz.. It's stated UNLIMITED. PENIPU. I can't even access it for AT LEAST 10 days *smacks Streamyx*

So, till these 'smart & efficient' people fix my Sreamyx, keep missing me yea. Err... I mean my blog. Hehehe.

Mel O gave her order @ 1:54 PM
1 minions