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Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Is it possible?

I do not have a sister. Neither a younger brother. But, many people including my mom, dad, uncle, grandparents, and relatives said we look alike. As though she is my younger sister.

How can we look alike when we only share the same grandparents?
I am a Chinese-Indian mix.
She is a Chinese-Indian-Malay mix.
We do not share the same mother.
Neither the same father.

But, everyone insist that she looks like me.
How is it possible?

She is so cute!
She is smart.
She bullies her elder brother.
She is the youngest child.
She likes to destroy the walls in her house by using it as white boards.
She watches television dramas like she owns the tv.
She insist on cutting her hair so that she look like her favourite actress.
She speaks Mandarin!
She has a long Malay name : Siti Balqis Badrisiah bt. Mohd Hafiz

Since so many people insist that we look alike, I came up with these conclusions:

I was once cute too. Lol.
I was once smart too.
I have been bullying my elder brother for 20 years!
I am the youngest child.
I destroyed the walls in my house too!
I don't watch dramas on tv when I was young. I watch cartoons.
I just sit, close my eyes and mouth whenever my mom brings me for a haircut.
I have never spoken Mandarin. I hardly understand a word.
My name only consist of 4 words. Not 6.

But, we were similar in most areas. So, I supposed once upon a time, I looked like.....


I assumed 15 years ago I looked like her.
Probably in 15 years time, she will look like me.

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