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Sunday, June 10, 2007
Long wordy tag

I got tagged by Tiffany Soh. Told her I will complete her tag during sem break but I kena marah. And Michelle Quah have been bugging me to update my blog. Since I have nth to blog, I shall use this tag to post smth up on my dead blog.

WARNING: This is a super long wordy post. If you're lazy to read/not interested in my life, just skip this post.

Rules: For those who have been tagged, you are required to write a story about one of your crushes, be it a current or previous crush. To be exactly different form the common tags, there is no questions imposed this time. All you have to do is to write a story about him/her. Also, five persons will need to be tagged at the end of the post. You must post up these rules before you start writing.

Initially, I thought this was kinda hard. Crush. But since I have nth to write, oklah. *thinking* *fall asleep* (reminds me of Zyenn :p) *wake up* ok. I think I know who to write. Here it goes..

It was so long ago, I'm writing this based on my memory (for those who know me well enuf they will know I have bad memory. Can never remember stuff *shy*). Maybe some info disclosed might not be true (I might have created my own memory). So, to the person involved, please don sue me :p

This happened back in 2001 when I was in Form 2. One of my bestie intoduced me to this guy, lets name him GUY, who is from her primary school. We chat over ICQ (that time everyone uses ICQ what?) and we became pretty close. GUY kept asking me out but I didn't wan to (I was a shy gal back then. Oh wait, I still am. Hehehe). Then one day, my bestie (the one from the same primary sch as him) asked me out. I didn't wan to la but she and another bestie came to my house and drag me out. So, ok lo. Went to Bukit Jambul Complex (a shopping mall in Penang) and the gals introduced me to this boy and his fren. Guess who was it? GUY la for sure. He's the hero in this story wat. Hehehe. Anyway, I saw him then we continue chatting on ICQ and stuff la and I sort of liked him cz it was nice talking to him n have his company, I think (I can't remember the exact reason d la. Smth along the line la). Then he asked me to be his gf. Not once, not twice. But many many times. But I said no. For some reason, I didn't say yes. Then in Form 3, I was in the same class as, let's name her GIRL, a gal who is from my primary sch too. We were pretty close friends and she knew I was close to S and I liked him and she asked me to introduce her to him. Ok. I thought "nth wan ma. Intro as frenz only wat?" So, intro d then she asked him to be her godbrother (That time this godbro godsis thing very popular) and he also agreed. Then using that reason, they (GUY, GIRL & GIRL'S best friend) always go out on Fridays, after school. GUY always asked me out together but I don wan cz I was very kuai back then. Hehehe. Then, in class I always overheard GIRL and her best friend talking bout this guy whom GIRL likes very much. I thought she liked someone and since she didn't tell me, I didn't bother. Bla, bla, bla ------------------> Forward till after PMR.

After PMR, during the holidays we (the whole bunch of people. Can't remember who d but GUY and another guy, L, my ex bf, who was my fren back then was there) went for a movie. In the cinema, he and L kept making noise to give each other the opportunity to sit next to me (Stupid ppl!Can't they just sit n shut up? *slap*) Then after movie, we went Pesta (FYI, it's a place sort of fun fair kinda thing, but got food, entertainment, shops etc). Then while walking, I saw GIRL working there. She saw me and she came out and talked to me. She said she wanted to follow me also. So, she came along with us and we ate KFC for dinner (If my memory serves me right). Then the guys was sitting at one table, we, the gals at another table. While eating, GIRL told me she wanted to come with us because of GUY. Cz, she 'on' with GUY d. I was so shocked, but I controlled my emotions la. Wana jaga muka ma. Dowan to show any response or anger. The whole nite I didn't talk to GUY. And that was the last time I was ever close to him. And after that nite, GIRL stopped talking to me. Even when she sees me in sch, she won't even smile. Fine la. Who cares kan?

Then, recently when I was chatting with GUY, we found out stuff that happened years back. It seems that during that nite at Pesta, he and GIRL wasn't together yet. They only got together after that cz GIRL told him that I had a bf already. And I thought they got together first. Complicated? Okay, it's like this. My friend, GIRL kinda manipulated all of us by telling me that she and GUY got together already when the fact is they haven't. And I thought she was telling the truth and I got so mad and didn't wana talk to him properly anymore.

And both of them are still together, I think but I lost 2 friends, cz GIRL wouldn't allow GUY to talk to me. Whenever we CHAT, just chat only ok, she will throw temper at him n merajuk. So, till today I think she hates me. For reasons I don't know. I'm the one who is supposed to be angry ok? She lied to me so that I will be mad at GUY and she on the other hand, asked GUY to be her bf!But, who cares?

I believe everything happens for a reason. If it's not for her, I might not have met wonderful people for the past years and I won't be with who I am today. I am glad to be here today, with the person I care most :)

The end

Tiff: I know u wanted to see some sweet story from me, but I purposely gave this not-in-anyway-sweet story. Different ma. All also write sweet sweet stories boring kan? Hehehe.

GIRL: If u so happen to read my blog, which I'm sure u wont, *emo* I'm not angry cz u "stole" my crush from me. I'm instead happy that I saw u for who u r. All the years of frienship!

My besties: I'm sure u gals know who this crush is. Hehehe. Cecilia, you for sure will know this. U were the culprit behind all this. Hehehe.

Mich Quah & Rei: Nak update sangat kan? Nah, ambil la panjang lebar punya post. Especially for u 2. Hehehe.

Such a long wordy post. My god! I think it's my longest wordy post ever! And least colourful post.

According to the rules, I need to tag 5 people. Although I don't think anyone will do this tag besides me, I shall follow the rules la. I kan budak baik, always ikut peraturan mia!

1. Alex Loo
2. Cynthia Lim
3. Eu Jon Sern
4. Erlynda Ng
5. Michelle Quah

Can I add few more ppl? Hehehe.
Yes la. I kaypo wana know bout others. Like you're not :p
Who else tak kena tag eh?

7. Mike Chang
6. Roberta Ng
8. Yvonne

That's all, I think. The rest kena tag dah.

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