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Thursday, June 21, 2007
Bad luck season

Bad luck is following me everywhere.

First, I fell down and injured my knee just before my exam.
Then, I did so badly for my Human Personality exam despite finish studying every chapter. Ok, fine. This can be called stupid not bad luck. But I still consider it bad luck :p
Then, my wound got infected and I had to waste money and went through the pain for 3 weeks.
Then, I scratched my arm with my pencil. That is so lame but there's a long mark on my arm now.
Then, my right eye hurt so badly that I can't even open it. And it was so freaking red.
Then, I injured my toe. And it hurts even more freaking badly.

Oh, looks like it is not only me. Me besties are in bad luck too.

Jane: She went to toilet in Queensbay Mall and upon entering the toilet, she reminded herself that "my slipper very slippery. Careful don't slip." Masuk cubicle safe lagi. Nothing happened. Once she stepped out of the cubicle, one of her leg slipped while the other one leg ter-kneel down and there she was kneeling on the dirty floor in front of the dirty sink with her 'will you marry me' pose. As bad as I feel for her, I can't stop laughing *laughing till roll of the bed* Well, in our term, it is "karma" cz she laughed at me when I fell. And I laughed at her when she fell. And we both ended up in some kinda 'painful and humiliating tragedy' not long after. I promise I won't laugh at u anymore Jane. I try *giggling* I tink I can't. It's so funny. Hahahaha.

Cecilia: She was plugging the plug of her new computer to the socket when the next thing she realized was an explosion and smoke from her CPU. She could feel the pain in her ear due to the explosion but what hurts more was her heart. It was a brand new computer. Poor gal. All I can do was to tell her not to be sad.

Emily: Something bite her poor little finger and it is swollen. She don't even know what bit her. All she can do is stare and look and feel pain for her swollen finger.

And Jane wants me to tell this.
WARNING: DO NOT buy slippers from FOS or you will end up like her proposing to the dirty and stinky floor. The slipper costs RM20++, so DO NOT waste your money on that pathetic slipper unless you wish to slip and fall. And I quote from Jane, she call the slipper "cantik tapi bodoh" and I call it beauty without brain. Lol.

Is it just us or it is some kinda bad luck season? What am I supposed to do to buang all the malang-ness and sial-ness away?

Mel O gave her order @ 4:56 PM
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