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Saturday, June 23, 2007
Pos Laju - Reliable National Courier

I'm sure many of you know this

Yes. Pos Laju, our RELIABLE national courier.

On Wednesday, Beng and Alex went to college and took the official letter from Dr Goh and posted it Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia (LLM) to request for statistics to be includes in our assignment. According to the post offices' guy, the letter will reach on Thursday as it requires on ONE day for delivery.

We tried calling LLM but nobody answered the call because many of them went down to Penang for the Penang Bridge Marathon. So we, the dedicated and hardworking group went all the way to Kajang. Not for the satay but for our assignment sake. Went there, after meeting and annoy most of the staffs there, we were informed that they have not received our letter (sent through Pos Laju, Malaysia). Not knowing where our letter went, Beng called Pos Laju (after many difficult attempts on finding their number). And to our surprise, these Pos Laju people told us that our letter was already sent. But. Not to LLM (as written in the address) but to UNITEN. What? It is so clearly stated that the letter needs to be delivered to LLM not UNITEN. How can anyone mistaken the two DIFFERENT places? They don even look similar in anyway. Not the alphabets, not the number of words, not the pronunciation.

After thousands of calls, a guy with the name Ahmad promised us that he will get a postman to deliver our letter by 12 o'clock to LLM. Since we were there and we (especially Alex) do not trust our Pos Laju anymore, we waited till 12pm. There. Right in front of the entrance. On the stairs. Like some beggars. Waited and waited.

10.30am. 11.00am. 11.30am. 12.00pm. 12.05pm.

No postman. No letter. Only disappointment and anger. Never in my wildest dream that our boyish looking group member will be so pissed that he scolded the Ahmad guy on the phone. And all sorts of 'matured' words came out of his mouth. Lol. We waited till 12.5opm and the Ahmad guy came there with the letter. Sort of. Since yesterday was Friday, government office closes at 12.15pm and only reopens at 2.45pm. Since the letter came when all of the staff were not in, we had no choice but to wait till 3pm. Great.

We drove out to have lunch. While on our way to spot for places to eat, we saw this building...

Yes. UNITEN building. Where our letter was initially delivered. The best part is that UNITEN is not even 5 minutes away from LLM. And the so called Post Laju took more than 2 hours to take the letter from UNITEN to LLM. But, come to think of it we cannot blame them. Because they cannot even differentiate the word UNITEN and LLM. Maybe, they got lost because they cannot read the sign board that clearly stated LLM.

What I cannot understand most is that these Pos Laju people knew that they sent our letter to the wrong place. UNITEN instead of LLM. But, why didn't they do anything about it? If we didn't find out that our letter was NOT delivered, we would not have called them. So, they would not have taken the letter from UNITEN and send it to LLM, la? Our letter will be in UNITEN forever and ever and just waste our money and cost us our grades! Wat's amazing is their statement behind the receipt "Pos Laju will make every effort to deliver your items according to its standard and quality of service". Yes. I could see that they put in all their effort to deliver the letter to the right place.

We paid Rm6, 20 times more than the normal 30 cents stamp. Even our letter didn't reach the CORRECT place, imagine your 30 cents letters. No, I'm not trying to sabotage Pos Laju. It's just that as a Pos Laju user, I felt so disappointed that they are charging us so much yet neglecting their responsibility.


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