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Saturday, September 29, 2007
Friday Night Dinner

Friday night was spent at Ted Lewis, Flat 31 with 4 other Malaysian students, Queen Next Road, Yong Tze, Malini and the most important person for the night, Tharshini! Why is she important? Because she is the...

She cooked dinner for us. Ain't she such a sweetie?

Since the rest of us including me don't know how to cook, we all menyibukkan ourselves. We walked and talked and laughed, one of us even sticked her head out of the window to smell the air :p Hehehe. But we tried helping also lah. See..

I looked as though I was just posing for the picture but seriously, I did help okay?
No faces seen in this picture. Why ah Yong Tze?? You like our butts eh?? :p

Told you. I,me, PenangPrincess did the cutting. I cut the onions! That's like....very hard okay?

Yong Tze helped out with the cutting too. Err, oklah. Everyone did the cutting and chopping and slicing especially Queen Next Road (the garlic smell is still there ha?? *pat head*)
Sliced, chopped, cut, boiled, cooked and finally...

The BBQ Chicken with fish curry :p
Initially I was supposed to bring the CHICKEN curry powder but I forgot. No other choice but to use Yong Tze's FISH curry powder for our chicken. Hehehe. But, it tasted nice though. Maybe, it's because of chef of the night was good! Very good infact :)

And we had stir fried vege + white button mushroom + onion
This dish was heavenly. It was nice. Really nice. Furthermore, I kan peminat mushroom? Anything with mushroom will have my VOTE!!

After dinner, we hang out in Malini's room talking all sorts of things. Tharsh was telling us some astrology stuff, which I found it quite true. One thing which is very very true: I'm very very STUBBORN :p We hang out in the room till 10.30pm and then we balik kampung, err, rumah, err, hostel, err, bilik. Yea, BILIK.

The end product: Happy tummy. Happy people.

Tharsh, you should cook for us every week. Then, there will be more happy people around you :)

Mel O gave her order @ 9:39 PM
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