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Saturday, November 3, 2007

I remember reading someone's blog about his/her nicknames long long time ago.
I have nth to blog lately so I decided to blog on this.

Nicknames of MELISSA ONG I PING.

1. Meow Meow:It seems that Mel Mel sounds like Meow Meow.
I used to wear a bracelet with bells on it, Vern May & Yien Yee gave me the weirdest comment, "Eh, you wearing bracelet. Got bell wan. Oh, Meow must wear with bell wan ma." (Not exactly that, but it's smth along that line la)

2. Ping Pong: Because my Chinese name is Ping. PING Pong. Some even call me PING Pong Piang.

3. Mummy: Most of my Penang close friends call me this. No, not that scary mummy la. It's the mummy that can get pregnant. JUST FOR YOUR INFORMATION, I'm not THAT old and I don't look that old and I'm not pregnant, okay? I was born in February and most of them were born later than me, one week, one month, 3 months, 5 months, 7 months. So, I'm the mummy cz I'm the eldest.

4. Katak: Because my surname is ONG. And when frogs, err, make sound, it's similar to.. OOONNGG... ONNNNGGG.... Therefore, the nickname, Katak.

5. MILO Ice: Because Roberta started calling me Mel O, then Yips, said it sounded like MILO. And my name is Ping (Hokkien: Ping = ice). So, MILO PING.

6. Melly & Melly Goeslow: Melissa,evolved to Mel, evolved to Mel Mel, then it became Melly. Some called me Melly Goeslow (an Indonesian singer) Oh, I'm so the popular.

7. Ice cream: I don't know why I got this nick name. But, as I know, only one person is using this against me. My assumption is that my Ping is ICE. Ice alone doesn't sound nice, so he added cream to tambah perasa

8. PIG: Because I'm a glutton? Err, maybe I'm as cute as a pig? Hehehe. I know why la. Cz I eat a lot. And sleep a lot too. Eat sleep eat sleep. Common stereotype, eat & sleep = pig.

9. Siao char boh:
Cz I always talk nonsense. And people said I'm crazy. I have no idea why. I'm such an innocent gal *innocent look*

10. Queen, Queen Next Road & Road Side Queen (now Queen Next Flat) : ONG means King. My blog address, Penang Princess. All related to the kerabat diraja. Since aku ni *ahem* perempuan yang lemah lembut, I rather be called the Princess, but somehow it became Queen. Oklah jugak. Queen sounds like I got more POWER to dera command my servants like Alex
Ming Zi has the same surname too, so I'm the Queen Next Road (jiran ma). Fung Min mistakenly called me Road Side Queen when it was supposed to be Next Road Queen. And since both of the Queens are staying in a flat next to each other, therefore, Queen Next Flat.

And all time favourite...

11. Darling:

Mel O gave her order @ 10:39 PM
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