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Sunday, September 30, 2007


I so wana kill these ang mohs man!!

5 days ago, the water heater was not functioning.
Excuse me Ang Mohs, you people think we can bathe in this cold weather without a HEATER?
They took 4 days to repair that heater.
In that 4 days we only bathed ONCE a day and even that we had to travel over to Ted Lewis Hall to shower. We traveled WITH our towel, soap, shampoo, facial wash every time we wana bathe. Don't we look like some *ahem* high class refugee??

It took them 4 days and they finally repaired the heater yesterday. And my toilet light was not working since the first day I stayed in and they came to repair it yesterday (although they came in when I wasn't home, I'm not gonna sue them for that!). And TODAY, less than 24 hours after repairing that heater, it's giving us problem again. The heater is not hot yet not too cold. But, it's too cold for us to bathe, that's for sure. And I have a full day of classes tomorrow and I have to go and bathe at Yong Tze's place in the morning. Like a refugee. Again.

We're paying you 90 pounds PER WEEK okay? That's 360 POUNDS one month. That's like RM2520 per month. I can rent a whole freaking house back in Malaysia. I miss Malaysia :(


These proved the efficiency of Ang Mohs!!

!!! I'm going crazy!!

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