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Saturday, January 12, 2008

... was such an eventful day for me.

About 12pm..
Queen: Mel, I finished work d.
Mel: Ha? So fast?
Queen: Yealor. I'm coming back now. You want me to buy anything? From Tesco?
Mel: Hmm, anything la. Groceries or smth.
Queen: Ok. "I'm coming back now. Cook first okay, I'm hungry."
Mel: Oh, ok.

Then since Queen is hungry, I quickly went to kitchen and see what I can cook lor. Don't have anything much and I thought, okaylah just cook some burger meat and some spaghetti lor. I went and heat up the oven with the ceramic bowl in it. Then, I wanted to put in the burger meat when the oven is hot enough lor.

I opened the door, then the rubber (the door there got rubber wan, you know that rubber la) memang loose d wan la all these while. But, it was sticking perfectly when I saw it, so I thought someone came to fix it. And then ar, just when I was about to put the burger into the ceramic bowl, that STUPID CILAKA rubber just slide down a little (it was loose d wan ma) and my hand was beneath it. Apa lagi? Dahlah hot, it's rubber some more. Kena my hand surely burn wan la. Hoiyo... Then I straight away pulled my hand away and went to the sink to run it under the cold tap water (I was ONCE a first aider, okay?). Then I got so mad, I didn't want to cook burger anymore!

I off the stupid oven and went to cook spaghetti. And mashed potato. After cooking, I waited and waited and waited. Queen still tak balik lagi. Waited till my spaghetti also kembang already. The spaghetti serap-ed all the soup. Then I thought I will eat first lor then leave her part for her.

Then, after that our Queen reached home and guess what? She bought rice! I heard wrongly over the phone. She said, "I'm hungry but don't cook yet. Wait for me to come home. "

I shouldn't have cooked. Then I wouldn't have burnt my hand! Huhuhu.. Damn sad okay? My hand. Gone lah. Sure got scar wan. And ar, according to Anwari, got scar very macho.

Very macho meh?
Haiyo. I'm a girl tau. Apa macho macho!

Notice the small burnt mark. That one was another scar I got from the same exact incident, but on a different day. 2 scars from that bloody oven! Oh, and I was wondering if I can sue the accommodation people for this. Since the ang mohs like to sue people for everything, why can't I, right? McD got sued for millions of dollars for causing a someones' lips to burnt while he was drinking a hot tea/coffee ordered from McD. Like that also can sue, my scar like that, so BIG and long cannot sue meh? I've thought of it liao. I got my points.

1. These scars cause pain and long term emotional distress.
2. These scars look very ugly on my hand and it does not however symbolizes macho-ness, to me.
3. These scars look very ugly, and it might look ugly to other people as well.
4. These ugly looking scars might scare other people away (i.e. potential husband/partner).
5. If these ugly scars scare all my potential husband/partner away, how am I going to get married?
6. If don't get married, how to give birth?
7. If don't give birth, I'm no longer maximizing my reproduction of offspring as according to evolutionary psychology.
8. If I don't maximize the reproduction of offspring, I don't get to contribute to the human population.
9. If this happens, I will be very upset. Because I don't have anyone to teman me in my life.
10. And this can cause emotional distress which might lead to mental disorder.

VALID enough d kua?
10 VALID & STRONG arguements, *day dreaming* 1 million POUNDS considered not too bad la kan? :)

Mel O gave her order @ 7:23 PM
8 minions