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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Yesterday was the first day of uni and I had classes back to back from 10am to 5.30pm with only an hour break. How stupid cool is that? Haih. Since this is only the first week, there aren't anymore classes for the rest of the week. Adoi. Have to stay home (sad life, I know). Anyway, after having lunch today, Ming Zi and I went to uni to get my student ID done and these Ang Mohs, I don't know whether they're stingy or they don't have high standards. Just look at their student ID lah.

One piece of WHITE paper (with full details on it) and it is only laminated.
Paying so much, yet getting such ID. HELP 's ID is way better than this. Grr, these Ang Mohs!
Ps: My signature was not revealed because I'm scared someone might copy it and sapu all my money in the bank, it's too ugly. Me don't own a fancy signature :(

After getting my ID done, guess where did we went to? Any WILD guess?
No one will ever guessed it correctly la, if you know me.

We went to the LIBRARY! You know, those rooms that are filled with books and books and more books :p
It's only the second day of uni, and I borrowed

I'm so proud of myself. Really. Because this time I went there not of anyone's influence but my own. Unlike last time, library is like Beng's second home, so it was my second home too :p. And I'm going to read the whole chapter of Social Psychology which I didn't understand at all during lecture yesterday. How amazing hardworking is that?

Ps: There are many this line in this post because I just discovered how to do it, with the help from Queen Next Road *bouncing of happYness*

Mel O gave her order @ 11:40 PM
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