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Thursday, January 24, 2008
Food stock. Cheap Food. Lack of Money.

Been so busy lately. That's why no updates.
Pardon me *kesian looking face*
I was working last week and I had an assignment to hand in on Friday.
Slept not more than 3 hours everyday for 4 consecutive days. Damn tiring okay?
On the last day of work and after handed in assignment, I slept like a pig from 9pm to the next day 12pm. Hehehe. Tidur kao kao mia.

Anyways, Yong Tze Ng just got back from KL and she came back with 32kgs of food! OMG! Among that 32kgs, my food stock was there as well. Hehehe. Beng bought me some food stock that I hope could last me at least until the end of March. Before my next food stock arrives =)

I see Maggi!
Lee Kum Kee Lemon Chicken!
Lee Kum Kee Black Pepper!
Maggi Asam FISH!!
Maggi Ayam Madu!
Tom Yam!

Lately I've been very innovative, you know? Like, inventing some not-so-okay tasting spaghetti.

I had spaghetti and baked beans (leftovers). So ar, I mashed the baked beans and then stir fry the spaghetti. Looks nice kan? No? It looks nice to me though. But the taste, sigh. Me no talent =(

PS: Zyenn, me need help here. Pls deliver yourself to UK asap.

So, I resort to buying food la instead. Senang. But mahal. However, I found a place where I can find cheap food like FRESH FISH! =) And also...

Yes yes! SUSHI!!
OMG!! My first ever proper sushi in this land of ang moh. Tasted nice. NICE!!

Guess what?
This whole box of sushi was only 75p. MURAH kan?!!
Of cz murah lah. Reduced to clear mia item.
The cheap place is the 'reduced to clear' shelf in Tesco.
Damn sad rite? Come all the way here to buy reduced to clear stuff.
But, what to do? Me no money.

I'm not kidding.
Someone, send me some money.
CNY is around the corner.
Surely a lot of money wan ma, rite?
Sedekahlah sedikit for me.
Kasihanilah diriku ini!!

Segala bayaran boleh dibayar secara tunai mahupun cek. Untuk number akaun, sila hubungi saya secara personal. Saya jamin errm, confidentiality anda. GUARANTEED!

Mel O gave her order @ 1:15 AM
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