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Saturday, January 26, 2008
First pay in UK

Remember I said I was busy working last two weeks?

I got the receipt for my pay yesterday..

My FIRST pay in the UK :)

So happy, okay? Although not yet masuk my bank account la, but still I'm happy lor.
You know why?
Because ar...
I earned my first...

£ 195.50

RM1,000 *jump jump jump*
Siok giler.
Worked three days, talk talk talk, make posters, talk talk talk, attend workshops, bring school students around campus, eat, talk talk talk.
I'm £ 195.50 richer, by doing what I do best - talk (Khoo, 2007). Hehehe.

I think I'm beginning to love my life in UK.
When there's extra money to spend here, life seems so colorful..
I spent money on food that I love.
I spent money on things that I like.
I spent money (or going to spend) on people that I care.

Isn't life wonderful when we have money? :)
No no.
I'm not saying money is everything but I know money is IMPORTANT!
Don't deny and say no ar!
Without money, how to survive la kan?

Mel O gave her order @ 2:18 PM
5 minions