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Saturday, February 9, 2008
Happy Chinese New Year


How was your Chinese New Year celebration? Mine was, erm, not too bad considering that I am far far away from home. Although I didn't get any ang paos (with money) but I still enjoyed my first Chinese New Year away from family, thanks to the people around me.

On Wednesday, after class a few of us went to Chinatown for reunion dinner together since everyone also sebatang kara di tanah bulu merah ini, in conjunction with Chinese New Year celebration the day after. Everyone have been talking and bragging about this restaurant

Four Seasons

It's slightly more expensive than the normal restaurants in Chinatown but the food there taste better lah. Since it's once in a blue moon thing, spend a bit more also can la. Demi good food =)

We reached Four Seasons around 6.30pm, and we were told that there are places for us, but we can only have the table until 8.00pm. Not wanting to miss out this chance to dine in this oh-so-famous chinese restaurant on CNY eve, we went in and placed our orders. These are among the dishes we ordered.. for 8 of us.
Chinese Tea - Chinese New Year ma!

(I can't recall the names of the dishes, too excited d ma that time)

Aubergine with something something

Mushroom =)

Tofu with something something

No idea what dish is this.
I remember got prawns one! and also cashew nut. And some white nut.

The main highlight of the night was...

Peking Duck! :D

After baluting the duck,

Ah, heaven!

There are actually two or three more dishes but I don't have any of the pictures. I think everyone was too hungry and no one was willing to hold their hunger pangs just to snap the pictures of the food. Including myself. Yes lah yes lah, call us pig but this is a natural phenomenon if you've been living on this land filled with ang mohs without taste buds.

The total damage was

Approximately RM700 for a dinner.

But, it was worth every penny since the meal was fabuloosoh. And how often do we get to do this kan? So, yea lah. 14 pounds each is not too much to pay for lah.

Yong Tze gave each of us an ang pao.. although she's not married yet. I hope :P

Excuse the super-duper-oh-my-god-stupid laugh of mine.

But inside the packet wasn't money, but something more *ahem* meaningful and precious.

Hand written 'money'. It's in Pounds some more okay? *Look at the Queen Elizabeth*
*hugs Yong*

I think I put on at least 1kg after the dinner. So, we walked around London. A good form of exercise for me, because I've been eating like a monster lately. But, I gave myself an excuse to indulge in this because it's Chinese New Year. I'll eat for another week, and then go on a salad diet every meal. Let's see if that will EVER happen :p

Mel O gave her order @ 1:16 AM
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